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Date: 7/30/2021

Customized Program Requirements

Post match scramble services
Customized program requirements
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  • Information in the section Details allows to select programs matching your profile. Taking into consideration that this information can be changed with time you are entitled to alter the 'User Profile' as often as it is necessary.
  • Please provide a correct e-mail while entering login information. This is an important way for communication between Resindency Place and our customers. Every account requires activation with a key sent by e-mail.
  • Activation is required after every change of a login. Activation should be made during the current day otherwise the account will be deleted.

User profile

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Login information
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US Clinical experience:  *
Visa sponsorship:  *
Years after graduation:  *
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Step 2 CS:  *
Maximum attempts on either Step:  *


  • Fill out the form. All fields marked  * should not be empty.
  • Please enter information in the 'Details' section very carefully because it will be used for the selection of programs.
  • You can return to the user profile later on and change it.

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