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Date: 1/23/2022

IMG Residency Programs

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SpecialtyIdentifierStateProgram name
OB/GYN 220-01-21-020 ALUniversity of South Alabama Program
OB/GYN 220-01-11-018 ALUniversity of Alabama Medical Center Program
OB/GYN 220-04-11-026 ARUniversity of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Program
OB/GYN 220-03-21-025 AZUniversity of Arizona College of Medicine-Tucson Program
OB/GYN 220-03-21-328 AZPhoenix Integrated Residency Program
OB/GYN 220-03-21-024 AZUniversity of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix Program
OB/GYN 220-05-31-029 CAUniversity of California (San Francisco)/Fresno Program
OB/GYN 220-05-31-027 CAKern Medical Center Program
OB/GYN 220-05-31-034 CACedars-Sinai Medical Center Program
OB/GYN 220-05-21-031 CAUniversity of California (Irvine) Program
OB/GYN 220-05-12-035 CAKaiser Permanente Southern California (Los Angeles) Program
OB/GYN 220-05-21-039 CAWhite Memorial Medical Center Program
OB/GYN 220-05-12-311 CAKaiser Permanente Medical Group (Northern California)/Santa Clara Program
OB/GYN 220-05-21-048 CAStanford University Program
OB/GYN 220-05-21-050 CALos Angeles County-Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Program
OB/GYN 220-05-12-045 CAKaiser Permanente Medical Group (Northern California)/San Francisco Program
OB/GYN 220-05-21-044 CAUniversity of California (San Diego) Program
OB/GYN 220-05-21-329 CALoma Linda University Health Education Consortium Program
OB/GYN 220-05-21-047 CAUniversity of California (San Francisco) Program
OB/GYN 220-05-21-028 CAUniversity of California (Davis) Health System Program
OB/GYN 220-05-31-038 CAUCLA Medical Center Program
OB/GYN 220-05-21-333 CASanta Clara Valley Medical Center Program
OB/GYN 220-05-12-040 CAKaiser Permanente Medical Group (Northern California/Oakland) Program
OB/GYN 220-05-11-036 CAUniversity of Southern California/LAC+USC Medical Center Program
OB/GYN 220-07-31-052 COUniversity of Colorado Denver Program
OB/GYN 220-07-21-051 COExempla St Joseph Hospital Program
OB/GYN 220-08-21-355 CTUniversity of Connecticut Program
OB/GYN 220-08-21-060 CTYale-New Haven Medical Center Program
OB/GYN 220-08-11-061 CTStamford Hospital/Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons Program
OB/GYN 220-08-11-059 CTSt Francis Hospital and Medical Center Program
OB/GYN 220-08-11-054 CTBridgeport Hospital/Yale University Program
OB/GYN 220-08-21-055 CTDanbury Hospital Program
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