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Date: 5/17/2022

IMG Residency Programs

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Interesting Statistics regarding IMG residency programs and applicants
Match 2011 statistical data.
Specialty Number of positions total Unfilled positions % filled by IMGs Avg number of submitted
ERAS® Applications per IMG
General Surgery Preliminary 1,151 473 65.2% 26.9
Family Medicine 2,535 224 57.8% 40.2
Internal Medicine Preliminary 1,880 89 20% 12.7
Internal Medicine Categorical 4,922 69 46.5% 37.8
Pediatrics 2,392 66 29.7% 20.0
Psychiatry 1,063 11 38.3% 18.9
Pathology 522 30 38.5%
General Surgery Categorical 1065 5 21.6% 25.9
Total for all specialties 22,427 1,087 34.9% 63.0

29,890 applicants participated in the Match 2011. 18,910 American Medical Graduates (including DO's and Canadian graduates) and 10,980 IMGs. Only 4,796 IMGs have matched, leaving 6,184 for scramble and next year.

IMG Chances in the Scramble
Available residency positions 22,427
US Senior Applicants 15,008
IMG Applicants 11,707
Unfilled positions for the Scramble 1,587
Scrambling US Seniors 949
Unfilled positions left for IMGs 638
Scrambling IMGs 4,107
IMG's chances in the scramble 15%
Two out of three IMGs do not match.
Residency Program Applicants (IMGs vs AMGs)
IMG and AMG match comparison
Residency Program lists by specialties

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