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Date: 6/28/2022

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Programs in our database

Anesthesiology list (AN): 136
Family medicine list (FM): 497
General surgery list (SUR): 261
Internal medicine list (IM): 429
OB/GYN list (OB): 250
Pathology list (PA): 141
Pediatrics list (PED): 204
Psychiatry list (PSY): 209
Total: 2127
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  • Register  for getting a no charge access for up to 40 IMG friendly residency programs matching your profile
  • Free access to complete list with program web site, e-mail, contact info, prematches, unfilled positions
  • newFree Search Filters - Filtering programs by H1B/J1 visa, Specialty, Location, Prematches, University/Community, Non-ERAS, Non-NRMP, Application deadline, State licensing eligibility, Unfilled positions, Percentage of IMGs. No subscription required.
  • newIMG Friendliness Factor- Empirical index estimating program IMG friendliness. Available as sort parameter to all users. Accessible to subscribers from program information card.
  • newERAS® Fee Calculator estimates ERAS fees.
  • Requirements or preferences matching. Example: If you do not have USCE, you will match 'US clinical Experience preferred' but won’t match 'US clinical Experience required'.This is helpful in determining what programs to apply first.
  • newPathology programs added.
  • Statistical information available in Member Area helps you estimating chances in each specialty
What information about IMG friendly programs you can get
We provide a list of IMG friendly residency programs individually matched with your profile. We have qualification residency requirements for more then 2000 programs. We individually called and e-mailed each program to verify its requirements. The residency lists are compiled from answers provided by Program Coordinators, Program Directors and faculty members. Each residency program card contains formalized requirements, preferences along with the 'raw information' provided by the program. We are constantly updating our lists. Our last verification was finished in the beginning of February 2018. You can rely on getting the most up to date information.
Why do you need residency programs information
In spite of shortage of physicians in the U.S. only 30% of IMGs match successfully. This leaves about 6,500 foreign trained doctors without a position every year. Even though IMGs are submitting on average 63 ERAS® applications, the average number of interviews is just 2.5. A “rule of thumb” is to have 7-10 interviews to have a successful match. Following these statistics an average IMG should increase number of applications 3 times – 189.  ERAS® pricing schedule  makes this impossible for most applicants. The key is to apply wisely and rule out the programs that will not consider your application anyway. We called all the programs in most IMG-oriented specialties and will tell you where to apply. We honestly believe that the list provided by the Residency Place will help you focus on the programs that you qualify for, thus significantly reducing the cost associated with submitting ERAS® applications.
How to obtain residency program lists
  • Go to 'Residency Look up'  if you wish to see all programs and possibly filter/sort them by H1B/J1 visa, Specialty, Location, Prematches, University/Community, Non-ERAS, Non-NRMP, Application deadline, State licensing eligibility, Unfilled positions, Percentage of IMGs
  • Go to 'Quick Search' to get a number of programs you qualify
  • Register in 'User Profile'   to get your sample profile programs
  • Subscribe for a specialty to get a customized list of programs matching your profile with complete program details and requirements
  • Prioritize your application by applying preferences vs. requirements, sorting by IMG Friendliness,percentage of IMGs, and state licensing eligibility
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