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As part of our commitment to help International Medical Graduates in their quest for residency, we offer a free online document repository service. Now you can keep all documents relevant to your residency search using this service, so that they are always available online. At any time when you need to present your package to a program as part of your application, your LOR writer, or your peer, you may just either send them a link to your web page, or access this page yourself and print all the documents that you need. You may find a sample web page here:

All applications created at the Residency Place MDScrambler are accessible through this site using same credentials. All previously published web pages are accessible through this system.
Here are some scenarios that leverage online presense of your residency application.

You may want to contact the programs before sending ERAS application to make sure you qualify. If you use a list of program requirements, sometimes contacting programs that are not on the list may also be helpful. Requirements are not written in stone and frequently get bended for the right candidate. Example: You have a pulmonary research experience, applying for a program that is doing research in this field, but requires scores of 85+. Let’s say your scores are in low 80's. This program won’t be on your list even though it is very likely to get an interview there. By sending your application to the programs you explore all the opportunities. You can either attach all of your documents to the e-mail or just send a link to the application web page. If you try attaching all the documents to an e-mail, you will be surprised to find out that they take a lot of space and in most cases your e-mail will come back as undeliverable. By providing a web link, you can concentrate on the message cover letter and provide a neat professional layout for the application. You contacted LOR writer asking for a letter of recommentation. Next thing – he asks you for your CV and any other relevant information. You can sent your request along with the link.

You went to an interview and forgot to bring a packet with copies of your application. Or you have handed them all to the interviewers and have no more left. Then you can just print more copies right there.

You have somebody who volunteered to review your application, Same as the above, you just provide them a link.

Scramble – Let’s hope you don’t get there, but if you do, having your application available online may help you reaching the programs outside of 30 ERAS® 30 application limit.

The bottom line is that you always have your application available when an opportunity arises.
  1. Please check if you have all necessary documents ready in compliance with our Document Submission Rules.
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